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Inlet boardwalk simmers

Friday, August 29, 2014 - Updated: 8:25 AM


Express News Staff

INLET -- At the July meeting of the Inlet Town Board, Donald Gerace was complaining about public use of the boardwalk that fronts his property along the channel between Fourth and Fifth lakes. Gerace has complained about the public using the boardwalk as far back as 2010.

When the board met Aug. 12, another property owner along the boardwalk complained about the public using it. Gary Zawatski expressed his disappointment with the board over the boardwalk issue.

Zawatski said he has had more trash along his property, has issues with foot traffic and feels it was a reflection of the comments made at the July meeting. He said there has been more foot traffic along his property since the July meeting and he plans to have trespassers arrested if they walk on his property.

Zawatski also said he will deny the town access to his property used for the snowmobile trail along State Route 28 to the EZ Mart.

Zawatski's property is located between the boardwalk and Rt. 28, and abuts town property where Town Hall is located.

Supervisor John Frey said he was shocked at Zawatski's comments. He defended his actions from last month's meeting and said he has no ill will towards anyone who owns property along the channel.

The board would just like to make sure the public has a legal access to walk along the channel on the boardwalk, he said.

Zawatski replied he feels the issue should just be left alone. It is commercial property through town and the public will be walking around wherever, he said.

Zawatski added the deeds of the property owners along the channel state the public has access and the easements are clearly written.

Frey polled board members as to their thoughts on the boardwalk issue.

Councilman Bill Faro said he understands both sides of this issue but feels the public has a right to use the boardwalk if the documentation supports that legal issue. Faro was not in favor of spending money on the issue.

Councilman Dan Levi said he would like to have some clarity on the issue once and for all.

Councilman Tim Brownsell said he would like to sort out the deeds to get a clear answer to the issue.

Councilman Herb Schmid said he would like a legal source to clarify and then meet with the homeowners to discuss all the options because the issue has been ongoing for too many years.

No action was taken at this meeting. Gerace was not present.


Jane Slack, Anne Fletcher and Dennis Michaels, representing Adirondack Special Events LLC in Old Forge, spoke on behalf of the Black Fly Challenge mountain bike race and the Adirondack Mountain Bike Association. ASE is an event management firm.

Their mission was to discuss the condition of the trail coming into Fern Park for the 20th annual Black Fly Challenge next June.

David Scranton, who was not present, had sent a letter to the board with a list of issues that need to be corrected or changed on the trail, and seeking funds from the town to maintain this trail in the future.

The AMBA informed the board it is contracting with Murdock Trucking to work on the trails and is hoping the town could share in the cost of this work.

Frey explained what funds were available this year for the trails. He said the trail fund line in the budget also includes work done on the groomers for the ski trails.

Jane Slack said the group was asking the town to put $5,000 for trail maintenance in next year's budget.

Frey said it would be discussed at budget time. He also said the state-mandated cap on any tax levy increase for 2015 budgets is 1.56 percent, and because of that he would not commit more funds at this time.

The board did agree to using town manpower and machinery to help with the trail work.


Don Schwanke, president of the Limekiln Lake Association, presented the board with a petition for center striping of Limekiln Lake Road, signed by 43 association members.

The board agreed with the idea of striping the road but pointed out it is a county road and the town has neither the authority nor the money to stripe it.

The Hamilton County Highway Department will be contacted.


Superintendent of Highways Shawn Hansen reported the department has cleaned up Rock Dam Road in the Moose River Plains. Some tree trimming has been done and the department has hung banners for upcoming events, cut down a tree in Arrowhead Park, and did some shared services work with the Town of Webb.

Paving will soon be done on Uncas and Deerwoods roads.

Hansen presented the board with a quote for a piece of equipment he would like to purchase for the excavator. It is a Mini X Bushmaster blade to be used for mowing and trail maintenance. The quote was $5,700 from Abele Tractor and Equipment, Albany.

The board approved the purchase.


Wolf Engineering Inc., Old Forge, has provided bathhouse / changing room designs for the Arrowhead Park Local Waterfront Revitalization Project. The project went out to bid the week of the board meeting, in hopes of starting it after Sept. 15 and completing it before the end of November.

Cottage 3 needs a new foundation and improvements to the interior and exterior to bring it up to code. The board decided to get bids for both fixing the building and the cost of a new one.

The bids will be opened at the next meeting of the board Tuesday, Sept. 9, at 7 p.m.


-- Frey reported the blowers for the sewer plant have finally arrived, as well as the extra grinder pumps and the bolts and gaskets for the odor abatement unit. It is hoped the odor problem will soon be solved.

-- Maureen Schanz has resigned from the town Planning Board. JoAnn Meneilly was moved from being an alternate to finish Schanz's term, which ends Dec. 31, 2018. Another alternate is now needed.

-- National Grid will install T8 LED light fixtures in the town hall, highway garage and transfer station. The town has two years and a zero-interest loan to pay for them. The work will be completed by the end of September.

The Inlet Town Board will next meet Tuesday, Sept. 9, starting at 7:30 p.m. in Town Hall.

Note: This article is based on draft minutes of the Inlet Town Board meeting of Aug. 12, 2014 as provided by Town Clerk Patty Wittmeyer.


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