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Wednesday, August 24, 2016
Speculator, NY ,

Agitation continues at LLCS

Friday, September 13, 2013 - Updated: 8:56 PM


Express News Staff

LONG LAKE – There seems to be an effort to get down to the business of running Long Lake Central School for the benefit of the students, but personality issues continue to float to the surface.

When the Board of Education met Thursday, Sept. 12, it held a business-like meeting, adopting 10 policies required by Education Law and making several appointments.

Personality issues surfaced at the start of the meeting, during public comment.

Camille Nerney complained that what she said at the Sept. 5 special meeting was not totally reflected in the minutes. The minutes say, “Camille Nerney feels the school is an organization which needs strong leadership. It is not about who chooses to befriend whom, but how an organization needs to function. Personal relationships have negatively affected the feeling of trust in the school. Moving supervision of employees from one employee to another does not solve the problem.”


The Sept. 5 meeting minutes also include comments from two others as follows.

“Nichole Meyette asked to speak on behalf of her and others in the school. She supports Superintendent Mary Dickerson and feels the Board should put personal issues aside and act in the best interest of the school. She feels Mary Dickerson puts the students first and consistency is what's best for staff and students. She wants the Board to consider the professionalism of Mary Dickerson first over their personal thoughts.”

“Lorrie Hosley stated she was a school board member here for 10 years and had 10 youngsters go through our school system. She feels board members must be able to speak to all members of the school staff to get a total view of the school, not just one person's view...

“… she feels there has been a breakdown in the chain of command at our school. She believes Mary Dickerson should take the opportunity to extend her career elsewhere and that our school cannot afford to increase a contractual salary in our tight budget times.”


At the Sept. 12 meeting Nerney read a prepared statement that essentially said what the minutes from Sept. 5 reflect, but made it clear her concern is with Dickerson’s personal relationship with an employee.

The board agreed in June to not consider at this time a policy “Against Romantic or Sexual Relationships Between Supervisory Employees and Subordinates.”

Dickerson has admitted to having a friendship with an employee at the school.

BOE President Christine Blumberg said meeting minutes are not meant to be verbatim accounts but summaries. She would like to hear from the public concerning how minutes are taken and would then place the issue on the agenda for the December meeting.

Nerney suggested the problem with the minutes could be solved if all the meetings were videotaped.


The audit agreement with Reece & Robinson, Potsdam, was extended at $ 8,000 for the current school year, $8,150 for the next and $8,300 for the 2015-16 year.

Noelle Short was approved as elementary soccer coach.

Kristen Delehanty was approved as mentor for Andrew Snide.

Noelle Short and Robert Reynolds were appointed as co-advisors for the Class of 2014.

Noelle Short and Kristen Lance were appointed as Student Council co-advisors.

Erin Boyea, Wendy Letis, Rosemary Carey and Cara Seaman were approved as substitutes.

The LLCS BOE will next meet Thursday, Oct. 10, starting at 7 p.m. in the cafeteria.


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