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Monday, July 25, 2016
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Letters to the Editor - 11/14/2012

Wednesday, November 14, 2012 - Updated: 8:13 AM

Who wins?

Dear Editor,

We now know who emerged survivor from the swamp that is our current political process and who was voted off the island.

This mud season was once again a far cry from a shining example of democracy to the world. Then again, considering The Learning Channel was created by NASA but now proudly presents Honey Boo Boo, it may not be so hard to comprehend. Have we become the most entertained and least informed people on the planet?

Elections begin earlier each cycle and consume perpetually obscene amounts of money. Today’s campaigns are run less on policy and fact, honesty and character, and more on innuendo and distortions, pandering and partisanship.

This cycle was particularly heinous as it began even before the inauguration. You cannot simultaneously recycle vicious falsehoods about a sitting president of the United States, your commander in chief, and present yourself as a stalwart patriot and a great American. Our president, regardless of party, the office of president and our nation deserve far better.

If we continue to expect less from the process and accept less from the candidates, their campaigns and the media that is exactly what we will receive... less. Less civic engagement, less serious debate and less effective government.

Political operatives, media propagandists and special interests know more money can be had with a nation divided. If this continues we all lose.

Turn off the noise and turn your back on the politics of deception and division. We face serious problems that require serious solutions and many long-term commitments that exceed a four-year election cycle.

We have industries and infrastructure to rebuild and the longer we choose party and rancor over nation and reason the larger the divide and more costly the bridge

Barry Baker


Thanks to MEGA

Dear Cris,

I would like to thank the Municipal Electric and Gas Alliance (MEGA) for its grant of $750 to Hamilton County for the purchase of new, energy efficient, LED (light emitting diode) holiday lights to decorate our county buildings for the upcoming season.

As you probably know, LEDs have excellent features that make them superior to the standard holiday lights. The new lights are safer, use as much as 80 percent less electricity and do not contain mercury.

Since they do not heat up or contain a delicate filament they last thousands of hours longer than traditional incandescent bulbs. They come in a variety of shapes (like berries and icicles) and sizes from “mini” to the traditional “C9” large bulb for rooflines and large outdoor displays.

With less power consumption than any incandescent bulb on the market, a switch to LED lights will save money on your power bill this season.

MEGA is an organization that helps local governments and public agencies control their energy costs and meet public bidding requirements. Their mission in the energy supply market is to achieve the most competitive prices for electricity (and natural gas where available) in order to minimize energy costs for its membership.

It serves municipalities of all types as well as school districts; water, sewer and fire districts; not-for-profit organizations; and a variety of businesses. Hamilton County has been a member of MEGA since 2008.

Dan Fish

senior custodian, Hamilton County Buildings & Grounds

Pitch in next year

Dear Cris,

Each year the Speculator Lions Club hosts a Halloween Party at Lake Pleasant Central School the Friday before Halloween. This is a fun event for families and children.

We have games with candy rewards and everyone wins. We have a costume parade and give out rewards. There are free doughnuts and cider for everyone. It is a great evening of fun.

Thank you to all who attended and helped to make this party a success. I encourage everyone in the community to join us next year in this Halloween Party and help us grow this annual event.

David Gibbins, king lion

Speculator Lions Club

Put a bounty on coyotes

Dear Cris,

I’m one of the hunters that think the deer population around Speculator has declined since the doe season in the 1960s.

I would like to see a better head count for the deer we have now. I think there are fewer deer in wild forest than ever before; most deer now want to come into town.

I believe if we have a winter with a lot of snow like we used to have the deer population could be almost wiped out in some areas.

Beaver and fisher trappers have to have every pelt tagged by the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation. Maybe if every deer shot in Hamilton County was tagged by Encon officers we would have an accurate count and exact location where each deer was shot. Do this for two or three years.

I agree with deer hunters that this would be a real pain in the neck, but how else could we get an accurate count?

I believe with too many coyotes - and I know I saw a wolf - and too many car collisions the deer herd cannot expand in some areas.

Hunters used to say if you don’t shoot a deer send in your tag anyway; this will give you the right to have meat in your freezer. Maybe this made the deer count wrong.

Coyotes killed a small deer within 100 feet of my house last winter; I have pictures of the hair that was left. Another time a medium size deer was killed close to a logging job; within two nights it was completely eaten up. I have pictures to prove it.

Deer will come close to a house or people to try and escape coyotes. With the deer herd so low and so close to town more coyotes are coming closer to get dogs and cats.

I think there should be a $300 bounty on coyotes for two or three years.

Coyotes can survive on almost any food: garbage, grass, mice, apples ... anything they can swallow. I think they should be thinned out until the deer herd recovers.

Louis Page Sr.


Why bother?

Dear Cris,

I have a great idea for the next presidential election that will save a lot of money and maybe a few headaches.

In 2016 on Election Day just have the voters in New Hampshire, Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Iowa, Nevada and Michigan go to the polls and vote.

If we’ve learned nothing else from this dog and pony show called a “national election” it’s that we here in the State of New York don’t count vote-wise. We’re just bystanders, onlookers and lookie-loos.

Nobody seems to care about how we vote so why bother? The results have already been determined and whether we vote or not is of no consequence at all. So how about it, folks, give it a thought.

Barbara Vanslyke, Wells

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